Monday, September 22, 2003

California Recall 

I don't understand how the opponents to the California recall election can claim it's "antidemocratic". Anti-Democrat, maybe, in its current incarnation, but not antidemocratic. Whether you think it's a good or a bad policy to be able to recall a governor in mid-term for no reason other than the people now want him out, putting the issue to a public vote is not antidemocratic.

The recall provision has been in California's Constitution for about 100 years, and was originally enacted by progressives who wanted to make sure that the railroad barons couldn't put their puppet in the governor's mansion. Over the years, about a dozen attempts have been made to recall California governors other than the current campaign, most recently Pete Wilson in 1992 and before that his predecessor, George Deukmejian. The Davis recall is the only one to have made it to the ballot.

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