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When all is said and done in connection with the Pentagon management shakeup, the Baker commission report and the Dems actively taking control of the legislative branch, I for one will be watching the reenlistment rate among the troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. I suspect many troops will opt to return to civilian life if they feel that they no longer have support from the policymakers, rather than be jerked around by people who think like John Kerry. And if the re-up rate goes down, original enlistments will probably decrease, too. Nobody wants to fight in a war that the movers and shakers don't want to win. That was true in Korea and Vietnam, and it's true now.

Any new trends should be apparent by March or so, if they are to happen. I guarantee you that any such change will be spun by the lamestream media as Bush's fault, probably accompanied by NYT and WaPo opinion pieces bemoaning what a dumb thing it was to get rid of Rumsfeld.

It sure would be interesting if Charlie Rangel's (D-NY) idea of reinstating the draft had to be implemented by a Democratic congress in order to maintain military force levels. I wonder what the political fallout from that would be in '08.

As an aside, I also think that diminished capacity of our conventional forces, especially the Army and Marines, tends to make nuclear war more likely, because weakness encourages the enemy to attack, and when you must fight, you fight with what you have. The alternative is capitulation.

UPDATE 20061110:1335PST:

Thanks to Instapundit for the link. To those of you who followed it, please feel free to stay awhile and look around--I hope you enjoy what you see and come back often.

By way of background, I, like commenter Spade, was unable to serve due to a medical condition. I would be a Vietnam-era veteran if I had served. My dad retired from the US Army after 30 years of service with the rank of Command Sergeant Major. I have a son who is a Navy officer on active duty and another son who served one hitch in the 10th Mountain Division--he got out before 9/11. I am proud of all three, especially this Veterans Day weekend.

TO: ExRat
RE: Enlistment Rates

I suspect that you are onto something there.

I was having the same thoughts myself.

RE: The Nuke Option

And you are right again. Without a truly viable conventional response, the only other option is to turn the places that oppose US into glass-paved parking lots.

Hope THAT makes the Democrats 'happy'.


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P.S. Warfare is a lot like handling toxic chemicals.

According to federal law, the last one to touch a toxic spill is responsible for said spill. Doesn't matter who spilled it in the first place. You touch it....the mess and clean-up are YOURS.

[Welcome to the party, pal. -- Bruce Willis, in Die Hard]
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I don't think Gates will be the disaster some are predicting, but I do think that enlistment and re-up rates are in jeopardy. The troops love Rummy. They are scared, as well they should be, not of the enemy or their mission, but of the democratic "cut and run" party being back in power. Anyone who lived through the shame of our Vietnam cowardly withdrawal remembers well. Vets came out in droves to support Murtha's opponent. Vets despise John Kerry. Vets and their families have little faith in anything a dem. promises when it comes to the military. The terrorists know that dems. back in power all but hands them a victory. If they realize it, why were the American people so blind on November 7th? Does it really boil down to a hatred of George Bush and Donald Rumsfield so intense that they were willing to have America defeated, have us come home with our tails between our legs in shame?
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I'm a DOD contractor. I was kept out of the military (volunteered for everything from USNA to enlisted Marines) for medical reasons.

With the election, and Rumsfeld being forced out, I'm slightly ashamed to say my first thought was, "Jeez, thank god I'm not in and over the water."

I probably wouldn't sign up today.
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It wasn't hatred of Bush or Rumsfeld on the part of the public; it was that a lot of Americans are passive zombie parrots who simply absorb and repeat what they see on TV.

The day Rumsfeld resigned, there was a sound bite from a "man" on the street in New Yawk, who sounded like his mouth was full of mashed potatoes, and he said, "Oh, yeah, dis is great news! Tank Gawd he's gone, 'cause he dint listen ta the generals!"

A zombie parrot. "Braawk! I am the living dead! Rumsfield[sic] sucks! Braawk!"
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Excellent post, I've linked to you here: http://consul-at-arms.blogspot.com/2006/11/re-another-update-will-rumsfelds.html

BTW, why are you an "Ex" "Rat"?
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Please don't think everyone from New York is of that mindset. many (me included) admire Rumsfeld and are truly sorry to see him go. I think Bush did the wrong thing and his timing was even worse. We lost friends and colleagues at the WTC. Most "New yawkers" want a MUCH bigger piece of the jihadis a$$es and if we have a complaint, it's that we haven't put a big enough hurting on the enemy. Let the Marines and Soldiers fight to WIN. We don't need no stinkin' Poltica l correctness while we're fighting a war. Let our kids use everything they can to WIN.Does that clear things up some?
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