Friday, July 08, 2011

Epic Economic Fail 

The President's (and Pelosi's and Reid's) "stimulus" program and associated policies have failed miserably. Witness today's news on jobs created and unemployment rate for June. Anybody who denies that the President's policies have failed is either insane or an idiot. The whole thing has been a Keynesian wet dream, and it has produced what one might expect from a wet dream--a sticky mess.

Congress MUST act now to reduce government spending, reduce the size of government and ease overly restrictive regulations and policies (the Canadian pipeline being only one case in point) in order to give the private sector some confidence that whatever they create won't be effectively confiscated. Any politician of any party who votes to kick the can down the road or votes in favor of anything that will increase the budget deficit (i.e., increase the national debt) should be turned out of office at the earliest opportunity. And by the way, the use of the term "spending cut" to describe a reduction in the increase in spending should be cause for tarring and feathering.

On its part, the public MUST wean itself from sucking at the federal teat and each person has to take steps to ensure his own economic well-being, as best he can. The alternative is turning the world's largest economy into mega-Greece, complete with riots in the streets.

If the people of this country spent as much time and effort focusing on the problems we face and studying the potential solutions as we have on the Casey Anthony trial, I'd feel a lot better about our future prospects. As it is, it feels more like we're on a party barge floating downstream on the Niagara River, and hardly anyone's listening to the roar of the falls.

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