Sunday, March 21, 2010

They Voted, and So Will I 

There is no such thing as a "moderate Democrat" or a "blue dog Democrat." If there ever was, they are no longer.

When it came down to defending the rights of the unborn, Rep. Stupak (or is it Stupid?), who prominently claimed to be a champion of the anti-abortion side, prostituted himself for a purported promise by Barack Obama that he would issue an executive order banning the use of federal funds for abortions (at least, that's how I understand it). If so, that's bullshit and Mr. Stupid knows it. A presidential order cannot prevail against the clear language of a statute duly enacted. It's a fraud, and Stupid should be ashamed to have such round heels. He showed what he's made of (as well as his so-called pro life colleagues on the Democrat side) and it doesn't compare well with Lyndon Johnson's "bucket of warm spit".

It's a sad day for the Republic, and unless something drastic happens, this country will repeat the sad history of the Soviet Union because of these idiots. Thanks a lot for ruining the lives of my kids and grandkids, you sorry collection of pond scum!

I have voted for Dems in the past on occasion, but I will not vote for another Democrat unless and until all those currently living have died and been replaced by people of honor. Since I am in my mid-60s, that means I never will again. I can and do respect people who disagree with me if they are honest and hold their beliefs in good faith, but I don't think the current crop of Dems are either honest or possess good faith. May they all be cursed with failure in everything they do and may they rot in Hell for eternity when they die.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Slaughter Solution = No Solution 

So Nancy Pelosi, apparently lacking enough votes to pass the bogus Obamacare bill in connection with the reconciliation scheme, is now trying to give her reluctant (i.e., cowardly) charges the ability to "pass" the bill without the "up or down vote" that Pres. Obama recently called for. I guess the plan is for the Dem congress members to go home over break and claim with a straight face that they "didn't vote for Obamacare." Not only is this an unconstitutional abomination, it shows how stupid the Dem leadership is if they think the folks back in the hinterlands are not wise to the game.

The Founders were men of honor and courage, unlike many of the current political class. Having lived under the tyranny of George III, the drafters of the Constitution did their best to make it tyrant proof. Unfortunately, when two or all three branches are controlled by dishonorable cowards, there is no such thing as "tyrant proof."

If Obamacare becomes law, whether via the "Slaughter solution" or otherwise, our only chance of salvation will lie with the Supreme Court, and I would not put it past this bunch to emasculate that body somehow, or at least those Justices who believe that the words in the Constitution actually mean something concrete per se, as opposed to being "guidelines" which cast "penumbras" from which rights "emanate."

I continue to be astounded at the degree to which Obama, Pelosi and Reid (Oh, my!) seem to be using the nation portrayed in "Atlas Shrugged" as a template for their plans for our country. They deserve every bit of the infamy that their activity will engender. It's a shame that our laws provide no way of getting rid of them before the next election cycle, because the amount of damage they can do in the next couple of years will be flabbergasting.

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