Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Letterman's Second Apology ... 

Should have been his first.

If he'd said last week what he said on the 15th the whole thing would have blown over within a day or two. As it is, some people are still screaming for his scalp.

I'm not a Letterman fan and haven't watched his show for more than a couple minutes at a time. I just don't think he's that funny. His "Top 10" lists used to be funny but they've lost their spark (or something) in recent years. I thought the "knocked up" remark in regards to the Palin daughter was despicable, mean and low, irrespective of whether he was referring to Willow or Bristol. I thought the same about his "slutty flight attendant" crack, but I figure Sarah Palin is a big girl and can take it.

The problem was, Letterman's first "apology" sounded more like a justification/rationalization than an apology, with the effect that the second, real apology seems like an act of desperation after the loss of at least one sponsor and who knows what kind of conversations with CBS and other sponsors. Like many similar cases, the apology that comes after the s--t hits the fan always has the stink of being more sorry about being caught than about the original act.

I frankly don't care if Letterman gets fired or stays on; either way he's damaged goods to some extent. I'm certainly not going to start watching him because of this, although if I had been a regular viewer before the incident I probably would stop watching due to his lack of class.

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